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Youth Homes Seeks Lead Clinical Staff for Group Home

Jan Shaw Home for Girls has an opening for a Lead Clinical Staff. If you are interested please contact Melissa Arno at

Youth Homes

Job Description
Lead Clinical Staff – Therapeutic Group Home
(Revised November 2015)
General Objective: The Lead Clinical Staff works within a Leadership Team with the Program Manager
or Program Director and the Senior Program Director, providing leadership and direction in the
integration of therapeutic efforts into the program structure of the corporation’s therapeutic group homes
to maintain an optimal balance of care and treatment based upon each youth’s needs. The primary role of
the therapist is to work with and serve children and families in the child welfare system, the court system
and the mental health system of Montana. Therapeutic Group Homes are a part of the State’s continuum
for foster care toward the goal of family preservation or permanency for all children and youth. The Lead
Clinical Staff person provides direct therapies to seriously emotionally disturbed youth and their families
within a Therapeutic Group Home and is a member of the team within the Home.
Nature and Scope of this Position:
• This person reports directly to the Senior Program Director of Youth Homes.
• This person leads the integration of therapy and therapeutic interventions into the program structure of
the corporations’ therapeutic group homes.
• This person does direct therapeutic services, including individual, group and family therapies as well
as doing clinical assessments of residents.
• This person instructs and supports direct care staff in therapeutic intervention for the corporation’s
therapeutic group homes and serves as the clinical resource in the management of the milieu.
• This person works closely with Treatment Team members to provide them with support, feedback and
guidance in the implementation of treatment.
• This person is responsible for the ethical application of best practices in the field of group care.
• This person operates in accordance with all pertinent rules for therapeutic group homes.
• This person represents the therapeutic group home programs in the communities, with referring
agencies and their staff, and builds positive and collegial working relationships with many other
community agencies.
• Oversee and perform Therapeutic Service
– Receive, review and present referrals to corporate Admissions Committee.
– Assess treatment needs of individual youth including clinical assessments when needed.
– Develop and update Treatment Plans and in compliance with rule and contract.
– Serve as lead Youth Homes’ representative on Treatment Teams of residents.
– Provide individual, family and group therapy.
– Document sessions as required by professional standards and rule.
– Write reports as required or requested.
– Engage line staff to guide residents toward successful completion of treatment plans.
– Provide leadership on treatment issues in weekly staff meetings and to staff on individual basis to
ensure the integration of treatment into program operation.
– Participate in the development of program objectives and outcomes.
• Integration of treatment within Program Structure
– Participate in team interviews of applicants for staff positions.
– Orient new staff to treatment approach.
– Assist in staff development related to therapeutic intervention and skill development.
– Serve as clinical resource in regular weekly staff meetings.
– Be on-call to address clinical issues with direct care staff as needed.
– Establish and maintain working relationships with referring agency leaders.
– Assist in getting referrals to program services.
• Do other administrative tasks
– Do reports as required and requested.
– Do presentations as requested.
– Attend community meetings as appropriate and necessary.
– Attend Board meetings as necessary or required.
– Do other tasks as assigned.

• Oversee therapeutic services.
• Participate in review and redesign of therapeutic services with other staff and corporate leadership.
• Operate within the philosophical and administrative guidelines of the Youth Homes Corporation.
• Understand and follow all applicable corporate policy, licensing requirements, contract requirements,
and state laws and generally accepted professional best practice.
• Operate in the best interests of the youth in care.
• Give others respect, regardless of opinion, and consideration in dealings with them.
• Use the best possible judgment and the most available information and input in making decisions.
• Be an effective member and supportive leader in staff teams in group homes.

• Solid moral character.
• Licensed mental health professional or therapist in training.
• At least three years experience working with high-risk children or youth.
• Be able to pass background checks including Child Protective Service Check, Criminal Records
check and Department of Motor Vehicle check.
• Ability to lift 50 lbs as needed.
• Ability to climb stairs as needed.

Knowledge of:
• Therapeutic modalities for treatment of seriously emotionally disturbed youth to include cognitive
behavioral therapy, behavior management techniques, emotional regulation techniques.
• Licensing and contract requirements for therapeutic group care.
• The working of the child welfare system.
• The working of the juvenile justice System.
• The working of the mental health system.
• Understanding of family systems.
• Social learning theory and behavior management techniques.
• Attachment.
• Conflict resolution and communication skills.
• Child and youth development theory, normalcy and deviance.
• Childhood issues, including emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, etc.

Wage and Benefits
• Base salary at Grade 11 of Youth Homes’ Salary Schedule.
• Employer funded leave.
– Annual and Bonus leave.
– Exceptional leave.
– Educational leave.
• Employer contributions to:
– Individual and dependent covered health insurance.
– Long-term disability insurance for the employee.
– Life insurance policy
– Simplified Employee Pension in 3rd year.
• Available benefits to eligible employees.
• Health Savings Account.
• Available access for employee funded:
• Tax-sheltered annuity.
– Dental insurance coverage.
– Vision insurance coverage

Posted April 13, 2017


Social Worker needed for a busy dialysis Clinic in Billings, Montana

The Social Worker, in consultation with the attending physician, is responsible for assessing the psycho social and financial needs of Peritoneal patients, Hemodialysis patients, home patients, kidney transplant patients and pre-ESRD patients; counseling patients and their families on ESRD related issues including financial and transportation needs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Initially assesses the patient’s psycho-social needs by collecting and/or obtaining subjective and objective data and utilizing that information and the psycho-social recommendations of the attending physician to develop and implement a plan for the provision of optimal care.
Counsels patient and families, separately and together, regarding ESRD therapies and the financial aspects of ESRD modalities, assisting in the completion of financial forms, and assisting in transportation by supplying information and making contacts with/for the patient.
Maintains professional working relationship with other staff of DCI. Participates in administrative and staff programs as required. This includes attending staff meetings and in service meetings.
Gathers and documents in the patient’s medical record data to assess and modify the care plan in accordance with regulatory requirements on an on-going basis.
Compiles and develops educational materials to be used as teaching aids in education of patients and staff.
Participates in the care plans and the care planning process for patients.
Completion of an accredited Master Social Work Program
Social Worker currently, licensed in the state.
One year of dialysis experience.
Must hold license to state in which you have applied.
Must have clinical license.

DCI offers a very competitive benefits package.

If interested in learning more about this position, please forward a current resume or CV for review.

LaVonda McGlory
Corporate Nurse Recruiter, Dialysis Clinic, Inc.
1633 Church Street, Ste. 500 Nashville, TN 37203
Office: 615-695-7612 | Mobile: 931-581-9198 |:


Posted April 13, 2017