NASW Montana’s 5 Regions

The Montana Chapter is divided into five Regions: Eastern, North Central, North West, South West, and South Central. Each of these Regions has an elected Representative on the Board of Directors. The Region boundaries are defined by ZIP Code ranges: Eastern – ZIP 59000 thru 59399; NC – ZIP 59401 thru 59599; SC – ZIP 59601 thru 59799; SW – ZIP 59801 thru 59899; and NW – ZIP 59901 thru 59999. Exceptions to these ZIP Code boundaries are: 1) all of Park County is in the South Central Region, not the Eastern Region; and 2) Pablo, Polson & Ronan are in the North West Region, not the South West Region.

Nearly 60% of Chapter members reside and work within the South West and South Central regions, and these members tend to be concentrated in Missoula, Helena, Bozeman and Butte. Missoula is the city with the greatest number of Chapter members; Billings and Helena have the next greatest numbers of members.

MT Regions Map

Regional Meeting Information
At their option, the Regions may elect to hold in-service meetings for their members. These meetings have typically been held in Billings, Great Falls, Kalispell, Missoula, Butte and Bozeman.

Contact your Region Representative for current information on Region meetings and activities. When you attend an in-service, you have the opportunity to learn about current issues, contribute to discussions, network and earn CEUs. When you participate, you make a difference in the future of social work.