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New Book Provides Practical Guidance for Those Needing to Heal From an Eating Disorder

Authors share Inspirational Professional and Personal Experiences

Surviving Disordered Eating


Kalispell, MT, August 28, 2015—Barbi Webber, BSW, CHWC and Carrie Thiel, MA, LCPC have together released their first book, Surviving Disordered Eating: One Bite at a Time. Authored by an eating disorder survivor and mentor and a licensed clinical professional counselor, this book is uniquely positioned to help guide those struggling to recover from an eating disorder, while also serving as a valuable resource for loved ones of those with eating issues.

Barbi Webber and Carrie Thiel have been working together on behalf of their clients for over five years and are now sharing their knowledge and experiences with readers. Carrie helps readers to understand the unique forces at work in their lives and minds that produced disordered eating and/or distorted body image so they can make more positive choices and regain health. Serving as a role model for recovery, Barbi shares with readers how to navigate the day-to-day struggles that come with incorporating healthy eating and body behaviors back into their lives.

Surviving Disordered Eating: One Bite at a Time discusses tools, skills, and strategies for health, healing, and recovery. The authors provide clear and practical resources for individuals and families experiencing the complex problem of disordered eating. The book details insightful tools such as journaling and speaks to the importance of mindfulness and spirituality in the lives of those with an eating disorder.

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(Carrie handles communications and relays messages to co-author Barbi Webber)

Carrie Thiel


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