Meet The Board of Directors


Diane Arkava, MSW, LCSWDiane

Current Employment: Social Worker III, Billings Clinic; Private Practice Therapist

NASW Participation: Member since 2000.

Other Activities/Community Involvement: Let’s Talk Billings Advisory Board, Casting for Recovery.

Vision Statement/Goals: NASW is a place to come together and share fellowship with other BSW and MSW Social Workers. It is a place where we can explore together what it means to be a Social Worker. We can find inspiration, advice and encouragement from one another. As Social Workers, we advocate for our clients. NASW is a place where we can advocate for our profession.



Malcolm Horn, LCSW, LAC

Current Employment: Rimrock Foundation, Director of Learning & Clinical Supervision

NASW Participation: Member for many years; graduated from the Missoula campus Walla Walla program

Other Activities/Community Involvement: Current president of the Montana Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors; Regional Vice President of the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors; teach two courses at MSU-B; engage in speaking engagements at regional conferences

Vision Statement/Goals: Passionate about advocacy and systems change on a macro level, particularly in regards to the prevalence of mental health and substance abuse in the criminal justice population; I believe that it is our responsibility as social advocates to work on changing the system to effectively treat addiction and mental health from a preventative stance rather than a “crisis management” stance.


Vice President

Jill Bonny

Jill BonnyCurrent Employment:  Housing Montana Heroes Program Manager at the Poverello Center

NASW Participation:  Member since 2015

Other Activities/Community Involvement:  Joining Community Forces, At Risk Housing Coalition, Project Homeless Connect

Vision Statement/Goals: I hope to encourage my colleagues to become or stay involved with NASW and educate them on its importance. My vision is to continue to advocate for access to justice for individuals facing oppression. I strongly believe in service individuals with dignity and worth under all circumstances.



Leah McLaughlin, LCSW

Current Employment:
NASW Participation:
Other Activities/Community Involvement:
Vision Statement/Goals: 



Crystal Hoffman, LCSW

Current Employment: Clinical Supervisor, Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch

NASW Participation: Member since 2012

Other Activities/Community Involvement: March Against Drugs and Violence

Vision Statement/Goals: My vision for the future of NASW-MT is to promote and provide collaborative integrated training opportunities and continuing education to ensure enhanced knowledge, practice and leadership. This will be provided through state-wide conferences and other workshops. Additionally, I would like to implement a recognition program and national representation to highlight the best of the best service providers in the state of Montana.


University of Montana Student Representative

Bethany Dicken

Current Employment: Admission & Utilization Review Coordinator, Shodair Children’s Hospital; Student

NASW Participation: Member since 2017

Other Activities/Community Involvement: Volunteer at Montana Women Vote and Montana Human Rights Network

Vision Statement/Goals: As a student representative, my vision for NASW-MT is to promote increased student engagement in the Association’s Mission and expansion of professional development opportunities for students with the end goal of supporting students in becoming ethically sound, politically engaged, and adequately supported practitioners capable of advocating for Montana’s vulnerable populations.


Walla Walla University Student Representative

Melanie Bullock

Current Employment: Social Services Director, Ponderosa Pines Healthcare; Student

NASW Participation: Member since 2017

Other Activities/Community Involvement: Volunteering with elections, publics schools, education, community theater, the arts, publicity and fundraising.

Vision Statement/Goals: My vision for the future of the NASW-MT chapter is to be a resource for social workers, and an area of support in their profession. I also envision this chapter to be a source of information and collective collaboration in areas of social action and community advocacy.


Salish Kootenai College Student Representative

Tamberly Wagner

Current Employment: Program Staff, Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation and Lake County; Student

NASW Participation: Member since 2017

Other Activities/Community Involvement: Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation and Lake County

Vision Statement/Goals: To inspire, challenge, and prepare adults and youth to find healthier life skills that reflect their values and lead to lives of connection and meaning. To be a leader in promoting diverse communities, and an advocate for an integrated and inclusive model of social work. To work collaboratively and comprehensively with adults and youth to strengthen life skills that focus on raising the achievement of all choices and preparing them for success in education, life, and career paths.


Northwest Region Representative

Abby Harnett, LCSW

Current Employment:
NASW Participation:
Other Activities/Community Involvement:
Vision Statement/Goals: 


Eastern Region Representative

Tia Robinette, MSW

Current Employment: Case Manager/Social Worker, Billings Clinic

NASW Participation: Member since 2016, served as Walla Walla Student Representative (2016-2017)

Other Activities/Community Involvement: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – MT Chapter; Billings Clinic Team Captain for 3 years

Vision Statement/Goals: I will continue to commit to the NASW MT Chapter mission. I want to encourage membership and give social workers the opportunity to serve with an organization that is determined to protect the clients we serve, the social work profession and advance public policy. I want to provide continuing education, resources and an environment where fellow social workers can connect and work together.


North Central Region Representative

This position is currently vacant.


Southwestern Region Representative

Emily Pray, LCSW

Current Employment: Program Supervisor, Sunburst Community Service Foundation

NASW Participation: Member since 2017

Other Activities/Community Involvement: Various agency fundraisers and outreach efforts, art therapy internship (2007)

Vision Statement/Goals: My vision for NASW-MT is to expand individual member involvement, to increase and creatively expand the collective resources and passion for serving our communities across urban and rural MT communities. A unified approach to social work advocacy would continue to provide access to quality care and support across Montana.


South Central Region Representative

Ashton Snyder, MSW

Current Employment:

NASW Participation: Member since 2016

Other Activities/Community Involvement: Mental Health Advisory Council – Livingston

Vision Statement/Goals: The future of the NASW-MT will grow in strength and capacity to act as a resource for social work professionals to increase the well-being of Montana residents. In doing so NASW-MT will engage in and make available activities that promote best industry practices for our communities.


At-Large Member

Kevin Grussling, MSWkevin'spicture (1)

Current Employment: Assistant Professor of Social Work, Walla Walla University, Missoula.
NASW Participation: Member since 1983. Served on Nominations & Leadership Committee, NASW-Washington.
Other Activities/Community Involvement: Missoula Food Bank and community food drive; Christian Family Adoption, Portland, OR; NASW Lobby Day, Olympia, WA; wrote article for the Missoulian newspaper re Walla Walla University.